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Due to popular demand we are going to start introducing a few recorded phone sex lines for your pleasure, they will clearly be marked as recorded. Some of you have told us that you wish to enjoy the pleasure of phone sex without the need to chat, for others it is a new experience and maybe you are not quite sure what to expect or even a little shy. We are going to keep any recorded lines that we use at the lower rate of 36p a minute as it is only fair to everyone not to confuse the pricing structure.

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The first recorded story has been told by a very popular operator who reflects on a true event that happened quite recently. This particular girl is a student at a college that we are not allowed to mention for reasons that will become clear as you listen to her dirty story unfold. It is actually quite shocking and very explicit, you will certainly see why the story has been entitled “Dirty Student”.

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Get calling now and as you listen to the story unfold imagine that it is your cock that is about to penetrate this tight eighteen year old’s pussy, you won’t have to wait long either because this naughty minx gets explicit and filthy right from the start.

Just Legal Phone Sex 0982 5074 515

Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

Girls of 18+ who are finally old enough to participate in live 1-2-1 adult chat. For those of us lucky enough to remember what it was like at that age I am sure you will remember being in an almost constant state of arousal as the teenage hormones took hold of you and all you could think about was sex, sex, sex and more sex. It is no different for these 18+ girls who are eagerly awaiting your call so that they can enjoy some live adult phone sex with you.

Who would you prefer? A tight pert teen who is still waiting for her first sexual experience and who is literally gagging for an older guy to sink his cock into her tight wet hole and break her virginity or someone who has had a taste of cock already and is willing to fuck all day long? You have now got a perfect choice with these barely legal teens (18+) who are gagging for an older man to show them the way and fill their tight wet teen pussy with experienced cock. Imagine sinking your man meat into some tight soft pussy and feeling all that teen love juice as it soaks your ball sacks.

Call the number listed and listen to the personal introduction of all the girls who are currently available for live chat, some might be more experienced than others but I assure you that they are all very horny and you will not be disappointed in any of them. UK teens who are sitting in their comfy bedrooms waiting for their phone to ring and hoping for some experienced cock to satisfy their sexual appetite.

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Phone Sex With Mellissa 0982 5074 520

Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

Mellissa is hoping to hear from you today on her very own live UK sex line. Mellissa is a self confessed nympho and because of her love of filthy adult chat she has decided that the cheap phone sex option is the best for her as it will attract more calls feeding her need for orgasmic sex. Mellissa told me that her favourite sexual position is a 69 and that she loves sucking on a hard cock while the guy has his mouth wrapped firmly around her swollen vulva.

Looking at these images I would imagine that Mellissa is a popular girl and I doubt very much that she has any problem in finding a guy to service that shaved pussy, I certainly wouldn’t mind have a nosh down there while she was yanking on my dick. A multi orgasmic girl Mellissa never tires of pleasuring herself while having phone sex and she confesses to having genuine over the telephone orgasms.

Mellissa said that she likes to keep her glasses on while having sex and once while giving a guy a blowjob he asked if he could shoot his load over her glasses. She said it was fun, to be honest I would see it as a waste of love juice, I would much prefer to leave Mellissa a warm deposit  in one of her hungry love holes than see it dripping from the rim of her specs.

Mellissa is hungry for your cock, she is waiting for you to call her on this cheap rate phone sex line and describe what you would like to do to that shaved tight pussy. Better still allow Mellissa to describe in explicit detail how she likes to please a guy and listen to her pleasuring herself as she fingers that tight slit just for you.

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Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

Domination Phone Sex 0982 5074 539

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Have you a dark side waiting to be let out, your mistress is waiting to speak with you live 1-2-1 on her domination phone sex line. Be warned your mistress will not tolerate any form of disobedience. You must be ready to demonstrate your loyalty and your worthiness for her attention the moment she answers the telephone. Be warned from the start, any kind of disobedience will be punished swiftly and in a painful and most humiliating manner.

Your mistress is particularly fond of ass worship, I hope you are prepared for her to sit on your face, announce right away if you are a sissy boy or a slave husband as your mistress will have a special punishment in store for you. Remember, your cock is now hers for the entire duration of this cheap sex chat line call. The only time you are in control of this live sex line is when you make the choice of which mistress you are attempting to become slave to as you listen to an intro of each mistresses currently waiting to take your call.

The girls on this domination line should NOT be mistaken for part time amateurs; they are all genuine dommes, all of whom are self employed professional mistresses. These ladies are not short of knowledge or sexual experience, I can promise you 100% that they know ALL the filthy uncensored and dark secrets regarding this particular fetish.

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Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

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Big Tits Phone Sex 0982 5074 523

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When it comes to big bouncy natural tits can you ever get enough? I mean we all love women with nice round booty, long legs and stunning looks but a massive pair of melons is always going to have you staring. Take these two gorgeous top heavy babes, can you imagine talking sexual to a woman with big tits like these live on the phone knowing that while you are stroking your cock she is pressing home her fingers deep into her wet pussy and massaging her own love juice into those big  bouncy boobs maybe ready for you to lick off later?

Allow your fantasy to run wild as you enjoy cheap rate phone sex on this cheap wank line. The ladies on this number have all provided pictures of themselves to prove just how big their hooters are. There really is nothing better than a big swinging pair of natural tits swaying back and forth while you drill home your cock into a wet pussy. Well maybe there is one thing that can match it…

What about a sloppy blowjob and a skilful tongue working the tip of your cock as your shaft is pillowed between a large soft pair of breasts. If you have never had a tit wank before and have never emptied your load over a large natural pair of breasts ask one of the amateur phone sex girls to describe what warm man spunk feels like as it trickles between their cleavage and over an erect nipple.

The sample movie above shows a top heavy babe teasing a guys cock with her breasts before she spreads her legs and takes his cock deep into her wet love hole. As he bangs away her large tits sway out of control, it is a great sample to get you in the mood so click on the link which will open in a new window and enjoy the sample on offer before calling the number below and enjoying as much live 1-2-1 big tit phone sex as your cock can handle.

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Filthy Cheap Wank Phone Sex 0982 5074 530

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Enjoy the dirtiest cheap phone sex in the UK with our live 1-2-1 filthy telephone sex line. Horny girls sitting at home hoping you will give them a call and feed their aching pussy while they satisfy your cock with their trashy slut talk. Anything goes with this line hence why it is called the filthy phone sex line, uncensored and xxx rated the girls who offer their succulent lips on this line are never shocked and their minds are a sewer when it comes to smut.

Those that call the phonesex girls on this line will be rewarded with the hardest erections they could ever possibly imagine. The minute you are connected you can almost smell the sweet scent of pussy down the phone line  as these girls release a barrage of hardcore explicit sex chat. There is nothing that these girls won’t do, they love anal sex and the will happily suck you dry promising to never spill a single drop of your love juice as they empty your sacks into their hungry mouths.

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Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.


Cheap Phone Sex 0982 5074 517

Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

How would you like to have cheap phone sex with Chloe? Although Chloe is a fairly new provider when it comes to phone sex she certainly isn’t new when it comes to online porn. Chloe used to run her own personal web site selling her dirty panties and appearing live on webcam with her boyfriend. Now single again Chloe is on the prowl, she is looking for guys who can turn her on with their smutty talk and get her juices flowing. Wouldn’t you love a chance to slip your cock in and service her tight wanting pussy or how would you like to go down and drink from her shaven slit?

I can’t promise you a shag date with this hottie, but I can promise that those who call the Chloe hotline number will put a phone sex experience with Chloe down as one of the top 5 telephone sex sessions that they have ever had. At just 36 p a minute (mobile calls will be more)  you can experience amazing live 1-2-1 sex chat at a rate that isn’t going to leave you realing with pain the next time the phone bill arrives. I guess you might be asking why this service as well as the others listed on Cheap Wank are not as extortionate as many others you have seen advertised elsewhere?

We are not greedy plain and simple, no other reason and no nasty hidden extras. We want you to bookmark Cheap Wank and add this sit to your favourites, we want you to come back for more cheap rate phone sex time and time again and most importantly for all concerned, the girls listed on this site are seeing this as a pleasure. They don’t want you to rush through like an express train, they want to enjoy the dirty chat as much as you do. 

Chloe wants the thrill and power trip of knowing that you are jacking off to these pictures while she is sticking her fingers deep into that pussy and imagining that it is your thick cock between her legs. What are you waiting for, give Chloe a call on 0982 5074 517 in the knowledge that as long as you are calling from a BT landline it is only going to cost you 36p a minute (mobile extras apply when calling from a mobile service provider).

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Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

Panty Phone Sex 0982 5074 518

Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

I used to think I was all alone in my fetish for ladies panties. I much prefer seeing gorgeous hotties in tight fitting panties over a woman completely naked, I even enjoy the musky aroma that emanates from a freshly worn pair as long as they have been worn by a clean person and it is just her natural womanly aroma contained within the fabric.

I remember when I was hanging out as a young lad around my friend’s house, his mum was so hot. One day I needed to use his bathroom and there hanging out of the edge of the wash basket was a silky black pair of her panties. It had never entered my head before to even hold a pair not alone sniff them but they were like a magnet.

I remember the day still like it was yesterday, as I held them in my hand I felt a gooey sticky spot where her vagina had been. As I opened them fully for a closer examination the scent of her pussy filled my nostrils. I had never experienced such a raging hard-on before, I now knew what my mate’s mum’s cunt smelled like and I had touched her juices, now I wondered what she would taste like.

Holding the panties to my face I breathed in her scent while allowing my tongue to probe the gusset lining of her panty. The sweet taste sent a tingle through my whole jaw, grasping my cock I knew I would not be in a position to hold back the minute I started pumping it.

I was a virgin at the time and I wanted to be able to claim that a female’s pussy juice had indeed been in contact with my cock. Carefully I wrapped her panties around my shaft ensuring her moist creamy juice was in contact with my tip and sure enough just two pumps on my dick and I was emptying out into her pretty black panties.

Still to this day I have a weakness for a female showing off her panties, from the feel to the aroma which they contain. Knowing there are women out there who are able to get just as turned on as I do while actually wearing sexy panties puts means that this panty phone sex line top of my list when it comes to a cheap rate wank session. All I need to do now is persuade one of those horny ladies to mail me her wet panties when we have finished an adult chat session.

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Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

Mature Wife Phone Sex 0982 5074 508

Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

Some might wonder what a mature wife would have to offer when it comes to cheap phone sex? Experience springs to mind and the knowledge that you are phone fucking another mans wife and bringing her to orgasm with your sexy descriptive chat. If you have never had an affair with a married woman then give this UK phone sex line a try, you will be amazed at the thrill it throws at you. If on the other hand you have shagged another mans wife before then you will know how exciting it can be and how uncomplicated it all is when all she wants is your cock, no commitment, just your hard cock in her hungry pussy.

Calling a mature wife phone sex line is also advantageous when you have had a hard day at work, a day when you feel that nobody listens to your concerns or when you just want to have a sympathetic listening ear or shoulder to cry on. A mature wife to stroke your face as you let it all out, a soft hand running through your hair, caressing your head as you rest against her bosom emptying your worries. A soft caring voice and a listening ear making everything feel so much better by placing it all into perspective and making you feel good again as you slowly get down to business.

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Milf Phone Sex 0982 5074 511

Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.

These prick teasers really are some of the dirtiest milfs you are ever likely to encounter on this UK phone sex line. Their hungry pussy is aching for attention so no matter what time you decide to call one of these gorgeous milfs you can be sure that the phone line will turn XXX in no time. These are the girls that every guy would like to fuck, they are all young moms and they have all managed to keep their figure in tip top condition. I remember always making an excuse to call around my mates house when I was younger, his mum was so fucking hot. My mind was a sewer in those days and it hasn’t improved much now, I used to spend many a session wanking off while imagining her on the end of my cock.

I have spoken to a few of these amateur milf phone sex ladies live in person. When I asked if it was just about the money I nearly got my head chewed off. At just 36p a minute from a UK landline I guess it would take an awful lot of calls to make one of these milfs rich. They love the phone sex, the intimate dirty chat and making guys get off while they masturbate themselves, it makes them feel good. I spoke to one milf who said that her husband just isn’t satisfying her enough in the bedroom but she cares about him too much to have a full flung affair so phone sex is her way of releasing that sexual tension.

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Calls cost 36p min from UK BT landlines calls from mobiles will have network extras.
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